About Me

I come from a musical family and music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember

My father played guitar and sang, my mother played keyboards and sang. My half-brother played guitar and sang. My half-sister, now deceased,  had a career as the lead soprano in the Tempa, Florida metropolitan opera. So it was natural for me to sing and play the guitar.

As you can see my father was a guitarist as well as a vocalist. My mother, his second wife, was a keyboard player and before marrying my father, seemed to have promise as a professional singer, but gave up that ambition when she got married.

My Dad & Mom…and me as an infant

My brother was also a guitarist and vocalist. He had a beautiful blond Gibson ES175 that I lusted after for many years. He was an evangelist and we traveled together for a while when I was a young teen. I got to stretch my skills, playing every night, during that time.

My brother, Tom